Welcome to our journey of resilience and growth.

Since our inception, we’ve navigated through the ebb and flow of the market, embracing both our triumphs and challenges with equal vigour. Our longstanding presence in the industry is a testament to our commitment and adaptability. 


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Explore how our tailored services can elevate your legal practice to new heights. Whether you need financial agility through OpEx loans, access to top-tier expert witnesses, or streamlined legal processes, we have you covered.

At IQUOTE, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique demands of the legal sector.


Operational Expenditure Loans

Facilitate legal practice growth through financial flexibility.


Legal Disbursement Funding

Efficiently manage case costs with our targeted funding.


Cost Advance Funding

Bridging the gap between settlement and receipt of payment.


Law Firm Exit

We offer a late credit buy-out service for law firms looking for new opportunities.


Legal Outsourcing

Improve efficiency by outsourcing legal tasks to our experts.


Technology Services

Supercharge efficiency and security with Technology Services.

Our Current Endeavours

At IQUOTE, we’re proud to be at the forefront of financial innovation in the legal sector, a fact reflected in the impressive results we’ve enabled our clients to achieve.


We’re continually developing innovative products to support our panel law firms. Our latest and most exciting venture is Rowan AI, an AI-Powered SaaS platform designed to revolutionise the way law firms operate and interact with their clients.

FUNNELFLOWEffortless onboarding funnel creation
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Say goodbye to weeks - if not months! - spent creating landing pages, webforms and integrating third party softwares for new campaigns to go live. Our dynamic onboarding funnel creator is super simple, requires zero technical know-how and ensures your firm is always first to market.
VERIMETRICSIntegrated AI and IDV biometrics
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Bid farewell to convoluted, outdated verification processes and the sharing of personal IDs with third parties. Verimetrics unlocks swift and secure client lifecycle creation with AI-powered document verification and ID ownership analysis using IDV biometrics. Begin onboarding real people, real fast.
DIGISIGNIntegrated e-sign
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Achieve paperless operations using our advanced digital signature solution. Stop using expensive third party signing services and fully integrate your online signing process with Digisign. Enjoy 100% secure, legally recognised e-signing infrastructure with signature memory for effortless repeat signing.
ROWANSBRAINFuture-facing client database
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Our big data management system allows you to enhance operations, improve customer service, create personalised marketing campaigns and take many more actions to significantly increase profits and revenue. Adopting a big data structure provides distinct advantages over your competitors as you make faster, more informed business decisions.
SMARTQUESTCustomisable smart questionnaires
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Collecting client data helps improve nearly every aspect of your business. Use SmartQuest to develop a deeper market understanding, better define overall demographics, and identify ways to continually refine your client experience. Use client data to understand exactly what your clients want from your firm, specific services for which they’re eligible, preferred interaction methods and much more.
SMARTSUGGESTIntelligent claim suggestion
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Before now, law firms have focused solely on building books of claims, and often missed out on multiple claim opportunities by not wanting to hassle existing clients. With SmartSuggest, your firm can use data to intelligently suggest relevant claim types to clients and generate significant additional revenue. Avoid potentially intrusive scattergun mailshots and sit back as our machine learning technology adds weight to your firm’s book of claims.
CLIENTCENTRECustomisable client dashboards
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25% of a law firm’s time is spent answering client progress requests regarding existing claims. Provide an accessible dashboard for clients to start new claims, complete unfinished forms, check claim progress, manage their info and share insights to save your firm time and money plus increase revenue and profitability.
OMNICOMMCentral communications hub
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Welcome your clients to switch between communication channels and elevate your client journey to new levels using OMNICOMM. With our omnichannel experience, your team can follow client conversations regardless of how many channels it crosses. Seamlessly integrate communications via email, social, SMS and more to provide consistent, personalised client engagement that sets your firm apart.


Our focused approach in litigation funding has played a pivotal role in supporting one of our panel firms to reach an average High Court Case Value of £1.1 million. Beyond this, we estimate £158 million poised for recovery from our high court cases. 

Our success is rooted not just in the financial support we provide, but also in our strategic services tailored to the unique needs of law firms. From offering essential operational expenditure loans that bolster a firm’s financial stability, to integrating cutting-edge legal technology that streamlines complex processes, we go beyond traditional funding. We also emphasise the importance of expert witness services and secure practices, ensuring each case is backed by credibility and protected by the highest standards of confidentiality. At IQUOTE, we’re not just funders; we’re partners in innovation, dedicated to empowering law firms to achieve excellence and set new benchmarks in the legal industry.


Average High Court Case Value


Estimated Recoverable Damages


We empower a select panel of law firms to champion consumer rights with unparalleled efficacy. These firms specialise in a diverse range of cases, tackling everything from mis-sold motor finance and pensions to investments, along with addressing complex issues such as housing disrepair, push payment fraud, and undisclosed commissions. 

Continuously broadening our horizons, we consistently expand our portfolio of claim types to keep pace with the evolving legal landscape. Our role is to provide these law firms with cutting-edge technology, enhancing their capacity to manage these varied cases with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Through IQUOTE, these firms aren’t just handling legal challenges; they’re reshaping the approach to consumer legal issues, blending their legal expertise with our technological innovation to deliver outstanding outcomes for their clients.


Active Consumer Cases


Potential Damage Recovery


We specialise in supporting law firms with significant class action claims, including data breach cases and mis-sold financial products. Our panel of law firms expertly manages these claims, often involving a large group of people affected by the same issue against a single defendant.
We provide these firms with the necessary funding and advanced technology to efficiently handle the complexities of class action lawsuits. Our focus is on enabling these firms to effectively represent their clients in these high-stakes legal battles, striving for justice and fair compensation. The class action cases we support range from consumer protection to privacy violations, each one a step towards holding entities accountable and safeguarding public interests. At IQUOTE, we’re committed to empowering our panel law firms to make a substantial impact through these important legal endeavours.


Active Cases


Potential Damage Recovery


Cases Settled


Recovered in Damages

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